Tour the Twilight Saga is a series of four travel guidebooks designed to help Twilighters (regular Twilight Saga fans) and Twihards (die-hard Twilight Saga devotees) visit the real-world places mentioned in Stephenie Meyer’s marvelous novels, and the real-world sites where movie footage was filmed.

Tour the Twilight Saga Book One—the Olympic Peninsula
Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula is home to the most familiar—and best-loved—places mentioned in Stephenie Meyer’s novels. Can we say, “Forks?” Yes, we can!

Tour the Twilight Saga Book Two—Vancouver, British Columbia
This guidebook will lead you to recognizable Twilight Saga film sites located in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada.

Tour the Twilight Saga Book Three—Oregon and Washington
In this book we’ll take you to more than a dozen Twilight Saga film sites found in the US states of Oregon and Washington (places apart from the Olympic Peninsula novel-related sites in Book One).

Tour the Twilight Saga Book Four—USA & Around the World
This guidebook is written for Twilighters who happen to be traveling to California, Louisiana, Brazil, or Italy—as well as Set-Jetting Twihards who plan trips to these obscure Twilight Saga film sites.

Follow the links at left to visit each book’s webpage. As each is published, we’ll post a Free Sample of what you’ll find inside. You also can peruse each book’s Table of Contents and access the free TwiTips and Twi Travel Supplements we’ve posted on each book’s TwiTips & Maps directory.


Tour the Twilight Saga travel guidebooks are researched and written by Twilighters to help all other Twilighters achieve a dream-come-true Novel Holiday.

They are the only travel guidebooks you’ll need to purchase in order to plan and enjoy the most Twilicious holiday possible! No other single source—no Internet website or previously published guidebook—provides as much Twi-important information in one place.

Even if you’re not yet ready to embark upon a Twilight Saga trip, each Tour the Twilight Saga travel guidebook is fun to read! Nowhere else will you find such interesting information about each and every Twilight-related site.

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