Book Three – Table of Contents

[This is a Preview! When completed, Book Three’s
Table of Contents may be quite different.]

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1—Introduction
About Tour the Twilight Saga Book Three
The Twilighter Treaty
Twilight Saga Site Rating Icons
Tour the Twilight Saga Supplements
Twi Travel Tips

Chapter 2—Tips for Twilighting in Oregon and Washington, USA
Everything a Twilighter or Twihard needs to know for planning the most Twilicious Twilight Saga Film Site Tour possible.



[Site numbers continue from Tour the Twilight Saga Book Two—
Vancouver, British Columbia.]

Chapter 3—Twilight and New Moon First Beach film site, Indian Beach,
Ecola State Park, Oregon:
Site #43

Chapter 4—The Bridge Charlie drives over to reach Forks, Corbett, Oregon: Site #44

Chapter 5—Multnomah Falls, Corbett, Oregon: Site #45
Seen in the background of Vampire Baseball Field scenes
Also site of a deleted Bella and Edward scene

Chapter 6—Twilight Prom film site, Corbett, Oregon: Site #46

Chapter 7—The Forks Diner film site, Damascus , Oregon: Site #47

Chapter 8—Woodland Bella and Edward scenes before Lion and Lamb scene,
Gresham, Oregon:
Site #48

Chapter 9—Greenhouse Field Trip site, Oregon City, Oregon: Site #49

Chapter 10—The Mill where James’ Coven kills a Security Guard,
Oregon City, Oregon:
Site #50

Chapter 11—Twilight Lion and Lamb scene film site, Oregon City, Oregon: Site #51

Chapter 12—Bella’s Phoenix, Arizona, Ballet Studio building,
Portland, Oregon:
Site #52

Chapter 13—Forks Hospital hallway scenes for Twilight, Portland, Oregon: Site #53

Chapter 14—The Cullen House, Portland, Oregon: Site #54

Chapter 15—Madison High School, interior Forks High School cafeteria film site, Portland, Oregon: Site #55

Chapter 16—Where Stunt Doubles filmed Twilight tree top scenes and deer chase, Sublimity, Oregon: Site #56

Chapter 17—The Bloated Toad exterior film site, St. Helens, Oregon: Site #57

Chapter 18—Jilly’s Prop and Costume Supplier, Saint Helens, Oregon: Site #58

Chapter 19—The “Port Angeles” store where Angela and Jessica bought prom dresses, St Helens, Oregon: Site #59

Chapter 20—The Alleyway where Bella was stalked by Drunken Men,
St. Helens, Oregon:
Site #60

Chapter 21—The Thunderbird & Whale Book Store in “Port Angeles,” St. Helens, Oregon: Site #61

Chapter 22—The Parking Lot where Edward saved Bella from the Stalkers,
St Helens, Oregon:
Site #62

Chapter 23—Columbia Theatre (seen in the background after Edward rescues Bella), St. Helens, Oregon: Site #63

Chapter 24—The Original Swan House film site, Saint Helens, Oregon: Site #64

Chapter 25—St Helens High School; Forks High School office and hallway scenes,
St. Helens, Oregon:
Site #65

Chapter 26—Forks Bridge and Streets seen as Bella arrives, Forks Police Department building film site, Vernonia, Oregon: Site #66

Chapter 27—Kalama High School, exterior film site for Forks High School, Kalama, Washington: Site #67

Chapter 28—Home of J Jenks and Victoria’s Newborn Army, Seattle, Washington: Site #1 (Repeated from Tour the Twilight Saga Book One—the Olympic Peninsula)

Chapter 29—The Marina where Butt-Crack Santa met his demise,
Vancouver, Washington:
Site #68

Chapter 30—Vistas seen on screen in Twilight, Cape Horn, Washington: Site #69

Chapter 31—Bella and Edward Nature film sites, the John Yeon Preserve for Landscape Studies, Washougal, Washington: Site #70

Chapter 32—The Vampire Baseball Field, Washougal, Washington: Site #71

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