Book One – The Olympic Peninsula

Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula is home to the most familiar—and best-loved—real-world locations described by Stephenie Meyer in her Twilight Saga novels.

La Push
Port Angeles

No Filming Took Place in the Olympic Peninsula.
We believe, however, that the Olympic Peninsula real-world novel locations are far more exciting and enjoyable to visit than the Twilight Saga film sites found elsewhere.

TTTS Book One Will Help You Visit
Twilight Saga Sites Such As:
04pic01aForks, Washington
Head to the Forks Chamber of Commerce, sign the city’s guestbook, and have your photo taken beside both of Bella’s trucks.

08pic08xHop on one of the local Twilight-themed Bus Tours and enjoy being chauffeured to Twilight-related places within Forks, such as the Police Station, the Community Hospital, the High School, and two houses that fit Stephenie’s descriptions of Chief Swan’s home and the Cullen house. The bus may also take you outside of Forks for a photo op at the Treaty Line, the Jacob Black’s House look-alike, and a brief visit to First Beach—aka “La Push, Baby!

Or, you can SKIP the commercial bus tours, and use Tour the Twilight Saga Book One to visit only those Forks and La Push locations you’re actually interested in, in your own time.

22pic02The Quileute Nation Reservation
Book One will take you to points of interest on the Res that aren’t included in Twilight bus tours—such as the Tribal School that Jacob attended.

21pic29Most importantly, we’ll help you schedule plenty of time for fully exploring First Beach, and provide directions for finding the magnificent Tide Pools that Bella loved so much—also not included in tours.

02pic01Port Angeles, Washington
Visit the real-world Bella Italia Restaurant to relive Bella and Edward’s first date. Prior to being made famous by Twilight, Bella Italia’s Mushroom Ravioli was a seasonal dish only offered in the Fall. Now it’s a delicious entrée that can be enjoyed year-round. You’ll also see the Movie Theater frequented by Forks’ teens, and browse the Book Store.


Seattle, Washington
Seattle is the birthplace of Victoria’s nefarious Newborn Army and the home of J. Jenks. Pike Place Market–where Riley Biers went missing–is a marvelous place to visit. We’ll also help you sojourn to a Seattle store that was the primary source of Road Trip T-shirts used to create Bella’s Memory Quilt prop (the graduation gift made for Bella by her mother, Renée).

As for Visiting Port Angeles & Seattle
Film Sites:

They’re found in Vancouver, British Columbia (Tour the Twilight Saga Book Two), elsewhere in the US state of Washington, and in the US state of Oregon (Tour the Twilight Saga Book Three).

24pic06Even if you’re not yet ready to embark upon a Twilight Saga trip, each Tour the Twilight Saga travel guidebook is fun to read! Nowhere else will you find such interesting information about each and every Twilight-related site.

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There, you’ll find SEVERAL Olympic Peninsula videos including:
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Happy Twilighting!


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