Book Four – Table of Contents

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Table of Contents may be quite different.]


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1—Introduction
About Tour the Twilight Saga Book Four
The Twilighter Treaty
Twilight Saga Site Rating Icons
Tour the Twilight Saga Supplements
Twi Travel Tips

Chapter 2—Tips for Twilighting Around the World
Everything a Twilighter or Twihard needs to know for planning the most Twilicious Twilight Saga Film Site Tour possible, anywhere in the world.



[Site numbers continue from Tour the Twilight Saga Book Three—
Oregon and Washington.]

Chapter 3—Bella’s Mother’s Home (according to the novel) in the Scottsdale suburb of Phoenix, Arizona: Site #72
This is not a film site.

Chapter 4—A Bella and Edward Meadow film site, Griffith Park Golf Course, Los Angeles, California: Site #73

Chapter 5—Bella’s Mother’s House film site, Santa Clarita, California: Site #74

Chapter 6—The Hyatt Hotel where Alice and Jasper took Bella,
Santa Clarita, California:
Site #75

Chapter 7—The Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, where CGI wizards went to study wolves, Lucerne Valley, California: Site #76

Chapter 8—BDp2 Cairo, Egypt, Kasbah film site, Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Site #77

Chapter 9—Bella’s “Seattle” Restaurant Meeting with J. Jenks film site,
New Orleans, Louisiana:
Site #78

Chapter 10—The French Quarter Alley where Garrett was hunting in BDp2,
New Orleans, Louisiana:
Site #79

Chapter 11—The “London” Alley where the Volturi cornered Japanese vampire Toshiro, New Orleans, Louisiana: Site #80

Chapter 12—The “Russian” Village where Tanya, Kate, and Irina’s mother was killed by the Volturi, (currently an unknown film site) Louisiana: Site #81



Chapter 13—Bella and Edward’s Honeymoon street party site,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:
Site #82

Chapter 14—The Marina where Bella and Edward boarded a boat bound for Isle Esme, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Site #83

Chapter 15—Isle Esme, Paraty, Brazil: Site #84

Chapter 16—The Kasbah, home to the Egyptian Coven, Cairo, Egypt: Site #85

Chapter 17—The city that inspired Stephenie Meyer’s name for Vampire Royalty, Volterra, Italy: Site #86

Chapter 18—The city where Volterra scenes were filmed,
Montepulciano, Italy:
Site #87

Chapter 19—Isle Esme Beach and Water scenes film site, St Thomas, the US Virgin Islands: Site #88


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