Book Two – TwiTips & Maps

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Front Matter (Book Two Twi-Info & Introduction) TwiLinks
Vancouver, BC Twilight Saga Maps


Vancouver, BC Twilight Saga Trip Planning Tips
Lodgings in and around Vancouver, BC
Info for International Twilighters
Telephones and Internet Access when Twilighting in British Columbia
Important Phone Number Info for Twication Planning and Traveling
Vancouver, BC Airport Options
Vancouver, BC Public Transportation Options

Our Rental Car TwiTips Collection

Canadian Driving Details
Mph/Kph Speed Limit Conversion Tables
Universal Twilighter Packing Pointers
Photography and Packing Pointers
Supplies to Purchase after You Arrive


Site #24: Keery Park, Swan House Set Film Site
Swan House Set TwiLinks

Site #25: Gilleys Trail, Coquitlam, Jacob Black’s House
Jacob’s House TwiLinks

Site #26: Widgeon Slough Marsh, Coquitlam, Motorcycle Lessons
Motorcycle Lessons TwiLinks
Widgeon Slough Canoe Trek Map

Site #27: Blue Mountain Park, Coquitlam
Blue Mountain Park TwiLinks
VanCity Allie’s deleted Blue Mountain Park info

Site #28: White Pine Beach, Sasamat Lake, Belcarra Regional Park
Sasamat Lake TwiLinks

Site #29: New Westminster, New Moon & Eclipse Film Sites
New Westminster TwiLinks

Site #30: David Thompson School
David Thompson School TwiLinks

Site #31: Gastown & Downtown, Eclipse & Breaking Dawn Film Sites
Gastown & Downtown TwiLinks
Battlestar Galactica screenshots filmed in the Orpheum Theatre

Site #32: Stanley Park
Stanley Park TwiLinks

Site #33: Burrard Bridge
Burrard Bridge TwiLinks

Site #34: Steveston Village, Richmond, Eclipse Film Site
Steveston Village TwiLinks
Steveston’s Whale Watching Tour Company Comparison Table

Site #35: Pemberton, Home of the Denali Coven
Pemberton TwiLinks

Site #36: Whytecliff Park
Whytecliff Park TwiLinks

Site #37: Vancouver Island
Vancouver Island TwiLinks

Inaccessible Vancouver, BC, Film Sites
Inaccessible Film Sites TwiLinks

Appendices TwiLinks